bazar de experiencias, peru

x Jose Soriano

Thanks to suscribe me in this list. I wish to suscribe some guys from my staff working in this area here in Peru. As you maybe know we start up with telecenters ( for us called “Cabinas Publicas”) in 1993. We begin this project without any kind of subvention,public policy support or fanfare. It was our reply, our alternative model, to allow the population in general use the new ICT tecnologies.
Two models of Internet are posible in our kind of countrys. The firstone, as we belive, is the wrong Internet model if we see it as the only possible for developped countrys as is proposed generally..
This one is based in intensive phone acces, in people having computers at home and looking the user as a “consumer” of concentrated information, US based generally. To have an more close idea we called the AOL model.