RCP: Feb 17 11:43:24 EST 1993

                     RED CIENTIFICA PERUANA
                  (Peruvian Scientific Network)


     The market entry of minicomputers, adjusted to the needs and sizes
of the smallest research team, as well as the more recent spectacular
development of microcomputers have changed traditionally used research
work modes.

     The abundance of ever quicker perishable information sources and
the increasing cost of the means to access them have evidenced the need
for interinstitutional cooperation and for the rationalization of
increasingly scarce resources, both in the national and international
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Peruvian Scientific Network – Anuncio conexión Antena Satélital

Date: Wed Feb 17 11:43:24 EST 1993
From: js@rcp.pe (Jose Soriano )
Subject: File 1–Reseau de Donnees Scientifique Peruvien: RCP

En este mismo momento estamos instalando nuestro primer enlace satelital internacional mediante Panamsat de 64 k.

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